Building high
performing boards
for change agendas.

Focusing on lower mid-market UK centric businesses with an enterprise value range of £10-£300m, we have a proven track record of successfully strengthening management teams and boards to deliver change agendas in order to maximise the investment and wealth creation opportunity.
Working with private equity backed investee businesses and high growth privately owned companies, we understand what good looks like and the cultural, behavioural and leadership capabilities needed to effect change most effectively in these types of environments.

  • Ross has been a consistent and professional support to Living Bridge portfolio over recent years

    Living Bridge

  • I have worked with Ross for a number of years and am impressed by the quality of candidates that he puts over

    Hazel Cameron , Chairman Network Director, LDC

  • Ross really understands the softer issues and concerns a founder has when looking to bring in professional management to run the business

    Alastair Parker-Swift, Founder, Crew Clothing

  • I trust Ross to operate professionally and with integrity

    John Rastrick, Partner, Phoenix Equity Partners

  • Ross takes the time to properly understand the business and specific need

    Alastair Parker-Swift, Founder, Crew Clothing

  • Ross understands what good looks like from a PE perspective

    Alastair Parker-Swift, Founder, Crew Clothing

What we are about

    Why choose us?

    “Different skill sets are required to lead businesses through different change agendas, and tying that in with an understanding of where the business is in the economic cycle are of paramount importance to a successful appointment and investment. The common theme we hear from private equity investors about portfolio businesses that have underperformed is that they should have made the decision to change management sooner.

    We are experienced in helping private equity backed companies and entrepreneurs take the business through its next stage of development, whether through professionalising the board and upskilling the management team, to bringing in a different type of leadership and skillset needed to drive the business to a successful exit.

    Understanding the issues within the business and wider market are critical to be able to deliver the right talent solution for the client.”

    Ross Webster