Our services cover
four main areas

We help ensure you get the most critical decision right
Leadership, Competency, Cultural Fit: the three critical components of any senior selection. We recognise this and to help ensure you make the right choice, have a suite of bespoke recruitment and psychometric options to not only help you get the right candidate, but optimise their performance through the critical first months.

Private Equity

We work with private equity investors to build management teams for investee businesses, predominantly in the lower mid-market space on deals ranging from £10m-£300m enterprise value. Our focus is on recruiting Chairmen, CEO, CFO and Functional Board Directors to drive the following agendas: growth, buy and build, turnaround. We are sectorially agnostic but have deep heritage in the consumer, business services and industrial sectors.

Ross has been a consistent and professional support to the Living Bridge portfolio over recent years. He has shown an ability to run flexible processes to find both exec and non-exec candidates in a variety of geographies. I have learned to trust his judgement and his instincts and we have hired some first rate individuals together.” Mark Advani, Partner, Livingbridge

Management due diligence

We work with private equity houses to assess management teams both pre and post deal, and companies looking to understand their management capability. Using structured interviewing, verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning tests plus personality questionnaires, we are able to provide a detailed independent assessment on individuals and teams to understand capability and cultural fit for the next stage of the company’s journey.

The market is seeing a change in the use of management dd. Pre-recession it was common place to diligence a company involving 90% commercial dd and 10% management dd, and by the time they focused on management, the deal was already done. When some of these deals started to underperform, 90% of the reason was down to poor management. Now we are seeing a real focus to gain a much deeper understanding of the capability of the CEO, and the wider team, to see if they can deliver the plan.” Ross Webster

Private companies

We work with entrepreneurially led, high growth, privately owned businesses who are looking to take on investment and expertise to take the business through its next stage of growth. Whether development capital, minority or majority buyout, we add value to the process by professionalising the board pre-deal, in order to give the business the management capability to deliver the growth and maximise the valuation at the time of the investment and beyond. This could involve the appointment of a non-executive to help the founder, a Managing Director to lead the deal and usually the appointment of their first Finance Director.

Although I was a left field candidate for the CEO role at Wiggle, Ross’ ability to appreciate the cultural fit with the founder and team was pivotal to my appointment. This was probably the most important aspect, giving comfort to the founder that the essence of the business would not change as the business moved from being entrepreneurial founder led to its next stage of structured growth.” Humphrey Cobbold, CEO, PureGym (ex-CEO, Wiggle).

Deal origination

There are two types of scenarios where we can add value: 1) We work with private equity houses and intermediaries to map out specific sub sectors, using our industry knowledge and expertise to effect introductions to facilitate deal flow. And 2) although a less favoured route to deal success in the current market, the introduction of MBI candidates to these parties can sometimes be the catalyst needed for deal completion. We proactively introduce proven and experienced CEO’s to facilitate deal discussions.